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Erika Bond is the love child birthed by two seemingly opposite woman who share a love of jewelry, design, art, fashion, and all things vintage that was years in the making. Through vision, intention, research, collaboration, manifestation, cultivation, resilience, adaptability, reflection, and growth personally and professionally they have ascended upon the world of fine jewelry. Erika a hopeless romantic and dreamer with a background fashion and interior design and Tonya a realist with an entrepreneurial mind and spirit with a background in finance creates a perfect balance in the relationship for creation and a harmonious partnership. They are the Yin to each other’s Yang.

Erika Bond is proudly 100% made in the USA by a combination of all-woman owned, operated, designed, and manufactured companies and prides itself in delivering divine engagement rings and fine jewelry to our clients though collaboration with designers, artisans, craftsman/woman with a combined 50+ years in the industry bringing impressive experience working with the most prestigious brands and jewelry houses. Utilizing their knowledge of state of the art technology and techniques while combining old world craftsmanship and design elements spanning different time periods, eras, and genres to create captivating fine jewelry and engagement rings.

All designs and concepts are carefully researched and realized in Seattle, the concept is then sent to New York to be analyzed then masterfully hand sketched and technically rendered by our GIA graduated award winning jewelry and technical designer who specializes in engagement rings, ensuring a beautifully designed Ring, impeccable design execution and a perfect harmony, balance, proportion, and scale. Upon completion of the hand rendered technical design, it is sent to our artisan jeweler, a family business owned and operated by a woman with a small team of master jewelers, craftsman and engravers located in the heart of New York’s diamond district. Every single piece of jewelry created is done so completely by hand and not commercially manufactured promising individuality in every piece by hand engraving every design element, hand drilling every setting for stone placement, and hand crafting every prong with the utmost attention to detail and quality ensuring a masterfully constructed product, resulting in the delivery of a beautifully finished engagement ring or fine jewelry.

Whether it’s an engagement ring from our collection, something from our one of a kind selection, or a custom designed creation dreamed up by our clients, every piece of Erika Bond fine jewelry or engagement ring is deliberate and methodically envisioned, ultimately created soulfully and intentionally for the contemporary woman with a nostalgic flair accompanied by a romantic heart and soul that has a love of vintage elements, character, craftsmanship and sleek eclectic design.

Erika Bond Fine Jewelry


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